Babyismine.Com is a platform focusing on the health, lifestyle and everyday essentials of babies. From day 1 of your pregnancy to sending your child to school, we try to solve every problem you’re going to face. We have tried to gather all the information you need to raise a child. A team of expert pediatricians will guide you to do what’s best for your child.

Raising a baby isn’t a piece of cake. Following our website will make your journey with your baby easier than ever. Our posts solely focus on the things that are good for your baby. As a parent ourselves, we have also faced a lot of problems while raising our own children. So we aim to help you to avoid the problems we faced.

We believe that every child is different. So you can definitely face different problems than others. You deserve the best suggestions for your child as a new parent. So we help you by finding you the best products for your baby. The best products, however, are tough to find out among such a huge range of products available in the market.

Our expert team confers a hands-on review of most of the available products in the market to find out the best one. Then we sort out the best ones from that category to suggest to you. From strollers to bottle warmers, we list a number of products that will help you to choose the most suitable one for your child. A proper buying guide will help you to do so. 

Other than suggesting products and stuff, our website also assists you in taking the proper healthcare of your child. Because the health of your child is the first priority for us. You can follow our website to find the answer to any health query related to your children. You can even contact us for better suggestions.


We are a team of pediatricians who dream of providing healthcare advice for children all over the world. Every member of our team is a licensed physician with a specialty in neonatology and pediatrics. We have been practicing medicine for over 10 years and we are passionate about our job. Following is a brief introduction of each person of our team.

Our team consists of a number of pediatricians who have more than 10 years of experience in this field. We provide 100% unbiased reviews on products that will help you to find the most suitable product in the market. Our scientific and medical oriented reviews make our website the most trustworthy and reliable parenting platform on the internet.

Our quest to consult new parents was the main inspiration behind opening this website. Every child is special to us. So we are doing this to reach the healthcare suggestions to more children. Our goal is to make an effortless journey for new parents.

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