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Best Children Learning Games To Make Your Baby Smart (2020)

Your child is the joy you always desired in life. Every time you come back home from work, tired and worn out, and the kid would totter at you shuffling those legs as they struggle to keep straight, and you smile as you are together. You smile as if you are the child who came home. Taking care of work makes the world go round. But, taking care of your children makes sure the future of the world would be in the right hands as you pass along. The children learning games to make your baby smart.

Children should be loved and disciplined with genuine care and observation. An adequate amount of literature is available on helping you teach how you should raise your child. In all of them, there is one section dedicated to games for children.

Why Buy Children Learning Games?

Have you ever thought about how deeply your children think of the world that slowly unfolds before them? As curious as they are, let alone children, this is a quality in them that any parent would want to last in them forever. But how many toys can you buy your child? How many have they broken so far?

Indeed, as exciting as any child is, raising them can be a strenuous and frustrating process for any parent. The last thing you want is for your child is to sit in front of the television all day long and be less productive inhabits.

How To Select Children Learning Games

Children Learning Games are not aimed to keep them merely entertained. Also, they are to make them creative, experimental, and imbuing them with a problem-solving mentality that shows you signs of their interest and a bright future. Hence, games have developed in recent years, from simply giving your child a blank page and colored crayons. The games that are available today are more complex than before.

Therefore, they might require the child to think strategically and mathematically as well. Some games, though, still rely on the power of imagination that kids seem to have plenty of. Ergo, observe your child before you go ahead and buy something that will only dust above the shelves or in the playpen. Try and find out what arouses their interest. Talk to them, talk to the teachers at school.

Best Children Learning Games

Another trick way to be social is to speak to the parents of your kid’s friends. Kids seem to have similar interests with the kids they play or hang out with. You can then be the Santa your kids want you to be by doing the research. When you see the children open up the surprises and gifts and be happy to have it, then you can be sure that you are ahead in your game. Check out The Best Children Learning Games:

1. Child Health Care Game

Your child is wearing that stethoscope around the neck and a doctor’s apron sitting over the floor. As you observe from afar, you can see how the child is trying to listen to the heartbeats of the doll. How he/she is attempting to breathe in the mouth of the baby, giving it CPR and pushing on the chest of the toy as if it had almost drowned. Where do they learn about these things will never cease to amaze.

When your child has that heath care wisdom in the heart, then The Battat Deluxe Doctor set is the right toy for you to buy. This beautiful set of toys is comprised of over ten pieces of tools that help teach the children various uses of medical instruments as they emulate being the doctor. It is a beautiful way to teach your children about the importance of health care. And best children learning games too.

Along with it, it makes the play more exciting and engaging. You can pretend to be sick and let your child diagnose you. When those small hands lay the touch of care on you, you forget you were ever ill or can ever be.


  • Grows interested in health care.
  • Teaches about the medical use of tools.
  • Easy to store.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Wide variety of options to choose from.


  • Less variety is available for high demands.
  • Not durable of heavy pressure.

Purchasing Tips

  • Buy it from the local play store, and be sure to check the right brand.
  • Do not go for cheaper ones. They break easily and can get discolored by the cleaning product.
  • Check the pricing beforehand and for discounts
  • Check for warranty or return in case of broken or inadequate product

Finally, when you have it, you can have a doctor at home. Perhaps it’s only reasonable that you pretend to be sick. Yet, no doubt that the little doctor can leave you with a smile and in good health.

2. Reading and Children Learning Games

Naturally, children are ecstatic and spunky. They can play all day and still not burnout. Give them candy before bedtime, and the sugar rush will keep both of you up late into the night, answering all sorts of questions make you think in ways that you never have before thought of.

If you want your child to be smart and rather know the answers to the question they ask you, then buy your child the 5000 Awesome Facts about everything. 

This reading and children learning games includes all sorts of facts that kids are interested in and answers them with simple and easy language. Get one of these beside the bedside stories, and you can join your kid in the question-answering game more confidently.


  • Full of interesting facts
  • Includes colorful pictures
  • Easy to store and keep at the shelf
  • Affordable pricing
  • Good brand value


  • Not for kids who don’t like books
  • Can be easily damaged or ripped
  • Not very playful, more get the smart type

Purchasing Tips

  • Check the correct price
  • Check for any damages; see if all pages are in the right condition
  • Buy the right brand
  • Check if the coloration of the print is right

Facts are facts. Learning them can be tedious. Besides, who cares for who to know how many? It’s just fun that you get to learn from the little one. Also, it makes the children feel like they are smart and teaching the older ones. That is undoubtedly worth it.

3. Child Math Game

Children are innocent and naive, but do not assume that they are dumb. Children learn better and quicker than grownups. Their brains reproduce the more brain cells than that of any other age. If you don’t believe that, try and play the Math Dice Junior with your child and see if you win more or the child does.

Two plus two had always made four. But, for a good family time to be spent through some fantastic display of math skills, sure is the way to go when you are trying to teach your child to be better at it. The Think Fun Math Dice Junior is just the game for you. It is enjoyable and environs the learning aura in the table.

How to Play Child Math Game

It is an addition and subtraction game.  There is one 12 sided dice and multiple ordinary six-sided dices. The youngest one on the table gets to roll the 12 sided dice that shows a target number. Henceforth, the rest take turn rolling the six-sided dices and, whatever names come up, you add and subtract them among each other to equal the target dice value. Whoever does it first, wins. It can sound complicated, but in one or two rounds, you are game.


  • Requires small space for storing
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick rounds
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Gets you better at math, duh.


  • Can be difficult to learn initially
  • Requires basic math knowledge
  • Dices can be lost easily

Purchasing Tips

  • Check for the correct price before the purchase
  • Make sure you buy the original branded one. (The dices in it are the right shape, size, and weight)
  • Check for any damage in the product
  • See if there is a warranty available
  • Buy a fresh, clean pack so you can probe the dices
  • Look for scratches that might result from sharp edges

Math is never fun unless you make it. Hence, why not make a game out of it. With this, you have as easy as rolling dice. Besides, the sheer pleasure that you get when you have matched that target number is more than any problems on paper for sure.

4. Child Dress Up Games For Girls

Put a Tiara on your girl’s hair, and she becomes a Disney Princess. If you get a dollar for every time you hear a small girl wanting to be a princess, you’d be selling them. Little girls love to dress up for imaginary scenarios and play with their dolls and friends, Therefore, If you don’t have a few sets of such costumes in the closet, you haven’t raised a girl.

A simple makeover can temporarily change the reality your little girl lives in and enjoy a little escapism in the house. Besides, wearing such a dress for the birthday party has become the norm nowadays.

If you want to have these gifts for your girl, then check out the Princess Dress Up Costumes available at Party Chili. They produce the gorgeous sets of wears that will make your little girl look like a princess from Frozen or Cinderella in no time.


  • Flashy and shiny elements to give the grand look
  • Well-designed accessories
  • A complete dress
  • Can be customized with external accessories
  • Simply was and kept like any other clothing in the closet
  • Can be clad at any party


  • Can be a bit expensive than ordinary toys
  • Needs to be carefully maintained
  • Kids get the dress dirty very easily

Purchasing Tips

  • Ensure the correct size for fitting
  • Inspect for defects
  • Check the accessories for damage

Girls learn about makeover more than boys ever do. But, the concept changes as they grow. In time they can learn about makeovers as they become more mature. Yet, it will never be as astonishing and dreamy as it would be on having such an experience as a child.

5. Child Board Game

There is nothing better than a board game to spend some family time on the weekends. Adventures are always a catcher. Any good board game can take you on an adventure spending hours. Hands down, you’ll find a board game if you go to any house that had kept their stores from the ’90s. 

Board games where the games to go for to go beyond chess before the technological era. Laid on a table after the meal or while mom was still cooking, merely rolling the dice was the best part of any day. Nonetheless, it still is for families who carry on the tradition.

You don’t play chess with your children. You play chess with your colleges, competitors, and arch-rivals. What you play with the kids are Chutes and Ladders. Indeed, Chutes and ladders are the undying classics of the industry.

This roll the dice to reach the top will never end to entertain generations of childhood. It’s the only time you will wholeheartedly want to not slide down the chutes than in any other practical occasion.

How to Play Child Board Games

First, you lay down the board and pick your piece. Roll the dice and move forward the number of steps equal to the resulting value of the dice. Then, if your part stops at the lower end of a ladder, you move up the ladder. On the contrary, if it’s the top of a chute, then there is no alternative but to go down to an earlier state. The first one to reach the 100th tile wins.


  • Easy to play
  • The board is full of beautiful pictures
  • Different prints are available for the board
  • Affordable pricing
  • Wide availability
  • Easy to carry or store
  • Easy to find replacements


  • The dice and pieces can be easily lost
  • The board can get torn
  • Not much else for cons to be honest

Purchasing Tips

  • The price is quite low, so some comparing will do
  • See if you have all the pieces you are to get
  • Check for any damage on the board
  • Any scratches on the parts or the dice should be probed
  • Inspect for sharp edges

Board games don’t go any easier than this. Thus, if you want an uncomplicated board game and fun, then don’t have a second thought. You’ll know that you made the right choice in the very first few games you have played with your child or a friend.

6. Child Sculpting Game

What is more enjoyable than having toys is to be able to make toys yourself. On a rainy day, the children make paper boats and clay dolls. The sandcastle that will be there forever was a lie you had to tell with all the good intentions so that your children would finally agree to come off the beach. And, of course, the snowman is a must every winter. Little children love making things with their hands.

You have probably borrowed some dough from Mom as a child to sculpt something precious you will never forget. Play-Doh revolutionized this idea in the most popular type of new toy that is available in the market. As a result, the toys you get are buckets full of dough of all the vivid colors.

You can mix then, smash them, squeeze them, and make anything you like. Play-Doh makes sculpting easy and fun for children as they test their artistic imagination.


  • Wide variety of colors to pick from.
  • Very easy to play with
  • The price is affordable
  • Can be molded and bent in any shape
  • Can be stored as showpieces as sculptures


  • Can be a bit messy
  • Can be challenging to wash off

Purchasing Tips

  • Compare prices to get a good deal
  • Try to get a discount when buying extra buckets
  • Buy the correct and original brand for reliable product

Give the bucket to your child and let their imagination guide them. There is no limit of structures that can be made with Play-Doh. Play with them if you will. You’ll know then fun and besides, can remember all the good times from your childhood coming back to you again in a new light.

7. Child Drawing Games

Every child’s note has something drawn in it. Children are taught to draw in every school around the world. Think of every time your child had tried to bring you on paper. No one ever tells them what they might have done wrong. As a result, anything they bring, anything at all, is always prized with appreciation. Drawing reveals the imagination of the kids and makes the parents happy to see them.

So, if you are planning to buy your child a drawing book, don’t. Time has advanced us in making magical things come to life, and one of such magical toys is magnet boards. Unlike the paper drawing books, this smart thing never runs out of paper. Because, you can erase back to the bright, blank sheet you started with by not even having to touch the lines, let alone rubbing with an eraser.

The simple technology uses the pen top to attract carbon material to make the drawing through magnetic effects without needing any electrical power. Therefore, you won’t need to recharge it or put batteries to draw in it.

Check out the Vetch Write Learn Creative Centre takes this to another level by simply adding a small display that teaches your child how to write different shapes and all the alphabets.

Yes, for the shows to function, you need to put in batteries, but if you don’t want the display, it still is a magnet board that does everything a magnet board does.


  • Easy to draw and Erase
  • Unlike paper, it never runs out.
  • Affordable in price
  • Comes with extra shapes and features
  • Colorful and appealing design
  • Easy to carry and requires little space


  • Can be damaged with pressure
  • Challenging to get fixed easily
  • Can’t save the drawing

Purchasing Tips

  • Check and compare prices for a good deal
  • See if you can get a discount or warranty
  • Try to make sure the product works fine
  • Notice if there is any crack
  • Check if the finishing of the product is good
  • Also, check for sharp edges
  • Ask if there is a return or replacement policy

So, want to make your child look cool? This is the right thing to get. It’s light and efficient. Besides, it technically saves time and money. What better things can you ask for from a toy?

8. Child Building Game

Is your child an engineer in his or her creative zeal? Have you ever came home and found out that a lot of the things are piled up on top of another, and none of your children will agree who did this? Making toys aren’t merely a thing for younglings. Moreover, Adults have had their fair share of attachments with toys as well. Some have taken this platform for breaking world records and making films with them as well. Yes, it’s Lego that is in the picture if you haven’t already figured it out. The world is obsessed with this undying toy.

As a result, there is everything that you can do with Lego, even if you want to make a name for yourself. Talk about movie themed Lego or Lego-themed movies. They are all there. Your father played with Lego; you played with Lego, and surely your child will too. Lego is the ultimate building toy that will spark creativity and a sense of beauty in children of any generation.

Lego is a classic. Give any children a set of Lego, and you have given them a precious gift. There are now so many types of Lego sets that you can rebuild the entire world with it. Well, a miniature world, of course. So if you are thinking about buying your child, a new toy, then make sure you already have them. If not, think no further. The best learning games too.


  • Easy to use and play with
  • Make anything you like
  • Colorful blocks
  • Comes with instruction for particular shapes
  • Don’t break easily
  • Much additional variety can be bought to the collection


  • Pieces can be lost
  • Requires some space to store
  • The parts you want, the higher the price

Purchasing Tips

  • Check and compare the price
  • Ask if a replacement is possible
  • Make sure to buy the right brand
  • Buy from a trusted source

9. Jenga GIANT Genuine Hardwood Game

Another Building block game that is perhaps second to Lego is the Jenga GIANT Genuine Hardwood Game. This has been in stores and houses around the world, so it could not be left out for an article like this. Jenga is a very entertaining test of your patience and steady movements. It is perhaps not for children below eight, as advised by the manufacturer. But, any children above three or four can still probably play it, for it is straightforward and not harmful in any way.

It is quite the opposite of Lego. It’s just a pile of wood shaped in the same size and stacked on top of each other. All you need to do is to remove one piece at a time by pushing it from a side without crashing the whole structure. Whoever hits it is the loser.


  • Easy to play with
  • Large block don’t get lost easy
  • Doesn’t break
  • Affordable in price
  • Very easy to set up and restart


  • Takes up space
  • Is heavy
  • Can be damaged as the pile crashes

Purchasing Tips

  • Buy the right brand for good quality wood
  • Ask for return or replacement policy
  • Compare and check prices at stores

Lego and Jenga are both children learning games played not only by children but also played by grownups too. There is something about these block games that people just can’t get enough of. Hence, as these games will never grow old, playing them keeps you evergreen yourself.

In Conclusion

Children Learning Games is never easy if you want to do it right. You have every right to give your child a loving childhood that he or she would cherish their entire life. It is majestic and a uniquely fulfilling feeling having to raise a child. No matter how big and old the children grow, to a parent, they will always remain a child. Play with them, laugh and spoil them a bit if necessary.

In time the wisdom will come through hardship. Until then, cherish them as much as you can. Every child is unique to every parent in the world. They are the future of all mankind. A simple game or toy can make them happy. And in return, a smile and a hug will relieve you from all your worries and hurdles of everyday life.


Obsessions with toys slowly wear out as children become teenagers and become busier with their social life. So, it should not be much of a concern.

Keep them, store them, save them in proper ways. Losing toys are heartbreaking for children. Besides, finding old toys in the Attic brings back old memories.

Toys don’t always need a thorough was. If your children tend to put them in their mouth, try to keep them sanitized to avoid dysentery.

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