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How To Fold Baby Trend Stroller

Are you wondering how to fold baby trend stroller? Strollers make their way in with the baby. Any house with a baby has one. Baby trend strollers are one of the most popular stroller available strollers in the market.

These strollers have some unique features that offer you a better experience and a value for money. So, lets answer some of the question to get you a clear idea about what is what?

Indeed, it will include instructions to fold or unfolding the baby trend strollers. Scroll down to the instructions if you’re having a panic attack. Don’t, if you want to get off wise.

What makes a baby trend stroller stand out?

Baby trend strollers are known for three important things; safety, strength and pricing. The company called Baby Trend is now in business for over two decades and has proven to be one of the best in the business.

What makes them stand out is their innovation and pioneering design that changed strollers as we know it forever. Their strollers can easily be spotted in the crowd for the cycle like wheels.

Yes, these strollers have wheels that almost make it look like a car. As a result, they offer better comfort for riding for the bay and easy use for the parent. Look no further if you are looking for a stroller for running or jogging with.

What are some key features of baby trend stroller?

Baby trend Strollers are your solution to everyday life. Because, they offer so much more than the ordinary shorter wheel system strollers. Here are some key features of a baby trend expedition stroller:

  • Accepts a Baby Trend car seat so you can turn this into a travel system
  • Easily removable tires for storage and travel
  • 16-inch pneumatic bicycle tires in back, 12-inch swivel tire in front
  • Adjustable sun canopy
  • Large storage basket
  • Easy compact fold
  • Child snack tray with 2 cup holders
  • Multi-position reclining seat with 5-point safety harness
  • Foot activated brake and tether strap
  • Parent cup holders and covered organization tray
  • Sturdy steel oval tubing, resulting in a lighter, stronger frame
  • Reflective accents for low light visibility

Caution, Please.

You should not be using stroller for the baby in the first three months or so. See how the baby can control his head over the shoulder.

If you find that the baby is hold the head high and you can see the neck and shoulder holding up well, then its time.

This usually takes around 3 to 6 months. There is plenty of disagreement on the matter but rest assured, this is the right way to go.

What is the difference between baby trend strollers and Graco strollers?

Baby Trend

  • Pneumatic rubber wheels make for a smooth ride and easy push over all terrains.
  • Three wheel base
  • Affordable pricing
  • Great value for money
  • Easy to fit together and maneuver
  • Light weight
  • Lots of carriages and pockets
  • Ample room for the baby
  • Looks very stylish

Graco Stroller

  • The usual four wheel base
  • Price is available for low to very high. Usually, low priced ones aren’t very good in quality
  • Good value for money but you won’t be thinking to use it for a second child or re gifting.
  • Putting it together requires thorough instructions
  • Maneuverability is a bit harder than the Baby Trend strollers
  • Usually light weight
  • Enough room for the baby but looks a bit baggy.

How to fold the baby trend stroller?

Baby trend strollers are easy to fold. So, don’t worry. Here you will have all the guided instruction of how you should be successful folding the stroller. So, here they are:


Step 01

Locking the brakes

Press your foot on the switch near the rear wheels. The wheels should lock up when the switch is in the lowest position. That will hold the stroller over the ground as you go through the rest of the processes.

Step 02

Lock the front wheels

In some Baby Trend Strollers the front wheels may also have a locking component to Stop the stroller from turning. First, push the stroller a few steps forward to bring the wheels to the front. Then look for a small switch between the front wheels. Push it up or down depending on the model to secure the position of the wheels.

 Step 03

Close the canopy

The canopy is the cover to provide shadow over the seat. Make it fall back against the upper handles as you pull the front end backward. Remember, you need to take some caution when folding the canopy. It has straps that support your baby. If you don’t remove the straps correctly, it can be a problem in the next step.

Step 04

Fold the seat back

Now , it’s the turn to fold the seat back in the opposite direction. Push the seat to lean it backward as further as it goes. For some models, you may need to secure the locks in favor of the seat before you can.


Lock the trays 

This part can be a bit tricky sometimes. See the instructions manual that came with the particular model you bought. Some models fold when this handle is pulled in a particular direction, while others require a button at the middle of the handle that must be pressed and pressed when flipped.



Finally, you should now be able to fold and assemble the stroller essentially by pressing the back. Pull the bottom edge near the wheels to begin folding. Complete the process of printing from the top handle and seat base.

If the stroller has some dirt on it, folding it may require more force. Try pulling it again with a little more force or on another surface to get some more strength.

What to consider before buying a stroller?

Before you even go to any stores looking for a Travel System you must know exactly what it is that you want. And, for that matter, exactly what you don’t want.

How you can easily fold and use it or how much is the price are things that will help you decide what features are important and which are not.

How heavy is the stroller?

It may seem like a silly question to you if it is your first time. Wait till you have had the baby and carried it over a stroller for a few some months and you will know why this is important.

It will even feel tiring to think about lifting that travel system out of your car while holding a newborn. Believe me, It is no joke at all!

Travel systems can weigh around 30lbs to 50lbs. That makes a huge difference. This is something you may need to consider more if you would be using public transport often with the baby.

How Easy Is It To use?

It really matters how you choose to lead your post parenthood life. Will you be travelling a lot? Do you have regular office to attend to?

Are you a single parent? How far do you work? How often do you plan to go to the park? When you are shopping, really test out these strollers.

Lift them up, push them around the store and see how easy they are to close and open. If it is not smooth enough, you will lose patience very quickly with it when you are tired.

What Are The Safety Specifications?

All manufacture travel systems have to withstand a handful of safety tests that test them to the limits. Most of them are built assuring that they can go through hazards unimaginable under ordinary circumstances.

The important thing is that whichever one you chose it keeps your baby safe. There must be a reason why all the brands keep bolstering about the safety of their product all the time in advertising.

How Much Does It Cost?

Every parent has their own limit in the pockets. Its good to know, in that case, what you need and what you can leave out from your requirements. This will save the trouble of getting attached with a travel system that is way over your budget.

Some Last Words

So, you should be able to make up your mind buying that baby trend stroller now that you know enough about them. They are the better choice. Besides, those wheels will give your baby a badass look and you will look like a hardcore mom with some style.

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