How to keep the baby cool in stroller in summer? Keeping the baby cool and comfortable in the stroller is a job that requires readiness and surveillance especially in the summertime. Babies are born curious. They tend to notice everything around them. The harder it becomes as the older they grow. Besides, why would you want otherwise?

As a result, it becomes an issue of making sure the baby is safe inside the stroller. You know what I mean if you have seen the baby’s day out movies.

8 great tips to keep the baby cool

Lights Clothing

It is important that you clad the baby light in the summer. Use light cotton based fabrics. Pick the clothing with light and bright colors. Clothing with darker coloration tend to preserve heat more than the brighter ones.

Light clothing will soak and dry quickly as the baby sweats. In addition, buy a good UV protected sunglasses for the babies delicate eyes.

Wet towels

Keep a stash of wet towels or wet wipes at hand. Wet towels and wipes have water in them. Using them to wipe the baby when it gets too hot and sweaty will ease the baby.

The wetness will clean the baby as well as making them feel refreshing. It is easy to get. You know the feeling as you splash cold water into your face in hot summer day.

Staying in shades

Try to avoid standing directly under the sun for long. Look for shades. If you have to stand dormant with the baby, first find a place where there is enough shade for the both of you from the sun, even better if the place is windy.

Venting the stroller

Most strollers are made with such design that allows a good air flow. I’m not suggesting that take the stroller for a aero test. You don’t have to corner like race cars.

But, what you need is a good air flow that keeps the baby ventilated and the stroller temperature in check. You can check the system and inspect the shapes and curves adequately before you buy a stroller.

Using Stroller fans

Stroller fans are a real game changer for your deal. These fans have recently gained wide popularity. These are adjustable fans that you can fasten with the stroller which will fan the baby.

As a result, the baby will have enough air flow to ensure that they be cool in the stroller. Buy fans that are made with child proof material.

Look for the wings that are made of light bendable plastic so that there can be no harm done to the baby by its use.

Jump the blanket

You should drop the blanket if summer is around the corner. You won’t need the blanket or any extra clothing as the weather is worm. The blanket will only be an extra layer in your infant is simply causing more heat to become trapped under.

Stroller with Canopy Covers

Nowadays strollers have UV protected canopy systems. Such canopy will protect the baby from direct sunlight. Not only, it will also save the baby from harmful ultra violet rays from the sun.

So, buy the ones that have this extra long feature for the baby to ensure shade in the stroller to keep the baby cool and composed.

Hydrating the baby

Hydrating the baby is the single most important thing to do in the summertime. There is no other natural remedy from the scorch of the summer sun.

The baby needs to drink frequently whether it’s breast milk, formula or water.

So, always keep some freshwater at hand for the bay to drink. Help the bay drink every half an hour or hourly. The baby will pee more often. But, it is small price to change diapers than the baby’s health.

Frequently Asked Question

According to APP (The American Academy of Pediatrics1) it’s safe to take your child outside if the heat index is below 90°F (32°C), identified by the National Weather Service. In other words: temperature of 84°F with 70% humidity is the maximum. Heat index higher than 90°F poses a significant health risk to children of all ages. You should consider staying inside due to the hot weather.

If your child’s overheating, he is very likely to be uncomfortable. It will affect the sleeping habit and the baby might get heat rash too. Look for signs like flushed, red cheeks and fast breathing.

According to the experts, the temperatures should be between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit in your child’s bedroom. You should use a room thermostat, a portable if not available.

It takes time for the baby to learn to adapt naturally to variations in temperature. At about 18 months to two years that babies actually learn how to control their temperature in a natural way. Sudden change in the weather can still have an effect on the baby even after that age. It even effects adults, let alone babies.

Few Last Words

Summer is when we are all the most busy doing our work all day. Babies may not have a lot of work to do but they do have a temper. Their small bodies are prone to heating and irritation. So, be a good mom and see when the baby would need some assistance to keep cool in the stroller.

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