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How to make a Baby Carrier out of a Sheet

Do you know you can make a Baby Carrier out of a Sheet at home? It is that easy if you can learn. Baby Carriers are a very useful thing to have when you have a newborn arriving any day soon.

To top it off, if you know how to make a baby wrap or a carrier out of a bed sheet, you’ll be like batman and robin with your baby.

All you need is a bed sheet and some practice. Now, because you’re about to learn, I recommend that you don’t take the baby the first time unless, you’re on the bed. Still, try with a few bottles or a melon.

See if you can successfully make a wrap that can carry the weight while you move around and do your crime fighting.

What is Baby Wrap

It is a wrap, as simple as that. Yet, what you need to muster is the art of doing it perfect. Yes, perfect for you are not taking any chances.

The wrap is a length of cloth that you tether around your body; over the shoulders and around the back. The emphasis is to create a pocket over your breast and upper abdomens.

That is where the baby will nest. Basically, you are making a pouch like the Kangaroos. Contrarily, being an upright being, you make it higher up just aside your beating heart to keep close what is hands down the most delicate thing you will ever have.

How to make the Wrap out of a Bed Sheet

  • Take the cloth and stretch it a little bit
  • Find the mid-centre of the cloth and start by taking the two different ends around the belly up to the lower chest.
  • Now, swing them over your shoulders making a crisscrossed pattern. Make sure to completely covering either of the shoulders as one end touches your neck and the other end is like the hands of a half sleeve shirt.
  • Now, make another cross. This time in front of your body over the chest. This is the pouch where the baby will huddle in so leave a little room.
  • Then, pull them around the first layer using it like a belt.
  • Go around your back and front over the crossed pattern making a shell like cover.
  • Pull the two edges around the back of your hip joint to the front
  • Finally, make a good tie in front of you beneath the area where the baby will rest.
  • Now, you can put your baby from the top of the cross above the chest facing you. The arm and legs of the baby goes out through the open sides. And the head pops out of the upper open side resting just beneath your lips touching your chin.  This close has certain benefits for the mother. She can even breastfeed her newborn from inside with privacy and comfort.


There are more than one way you can put up the wrap around you. But, there are some know how you should definitely follow if it is your first time. So that you can prevent any misuse of it.

  • Make the tie in front of you. Do not care for how it looks unless you have become very good at it. The perk of having the tie in the front is you can adjust it whenever necessary.
  • The wrap around your chest should be loose enough to comfort the babe. You may not feel uncomfortable but the baby may feel asphyxiated if the wrap is too tight.
  • Don’t make it too loose for obvious reasons. You want your baby to feel comfortable as you feel comfortable knowing that the baby will remain safe in your bosom.
  • Tend to use stretchy clothing for the wrap. Also, make sure the cloth is strong in substance.
  • Stay away from cooking and ironing with the baby in the pouch.
  • Use a diaper before you rear the little one. They go very frequently and you don’t want to wash it for every time.
  • Tend rest or retain from all work while breastfeeding your baby from the wrap.

To Wrap it up

Now you know how to make a baby carrier out of a sheet. With this skill you can make carrier anytime at home or away with any clean sheet you can get your hands on. You know what that means. The marker had been light, the city needs your help. Put on your silent guardian suits and gadget belt and on to your lives.

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