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How To Warm Up Baby Oil For Massage

How To Warm Up Baby Oil For Massage? Winter is here and you are having trouble warming up baby oil. Well. Don’t worry. It’s not all that big of trouble. Baby skin is delicate. Therefore, it requires your cautious attention. Here you can find out how you can heat up baby oil easily.

Along with that, you will also learn about how you should keep baby oil and other health related aspects. So, buckle up and put on the reading glasses.

Baby skin gets little amount of exposure unlike adult skin. Ergo, baby skin doesn’t dry up all that frequently. Especially, you will want to apply baby oil on after the baby takes a bath.

Baby oil is good for both, baby and the mother. It will hold moisture in the skin for prolonged period of time and keep the baby comfortable.

It will make the baby’s skin super soft and hydrated, while being gentle. You can even make it a ritual between you and the baby to give your baby a oil massage as you are getting them ready for bed.

How to Warm Up Baby Oil Easily:

There are more than one ways to get the oil rolling. Typically, the oil comes out cold when you squeeze the container. You could shake the container before taking out a drop or two.

Don’t apply it directly on the baby. Take the oil in your paw and rub the oil with your hand. This will warm it up without needing any more effort.

Although, you are likely to find oil not just cold but solidified in the winter time. No matter how hard you shake or how strong you pull, it won’t work. In that case you will have to warm up the bottle:

  • You can micro-wave the oil for 15 seconds. (Warning: Make sure the container is not made of absolutely any metal)
  • Another way to warm oils and lotions is to let the bottle float in the tub alongside the baby. The product will be just the right temperature for baby’s delicate skin when the bath is over. See that the lid is completely sealed before you put it in the water.
  • You can warm up water on a pan and place the oil container in warm water for 10 to 20 seconds. Careful, don’t boil or over heat the water.
  • You can just place the container under the sun or near the stove to heat up the oil. Don’t keep it too close to the fire. Too much heat may cause the container to melt if made with plastic. Use gloves to touch a metal container after heating.
  • If it is a small container, you can just take it in your hands and hold it for 5-10 minutes and the oil will be easier to take out because of body heat passing in it through your palm.


  • Always take the oil at hand to find out how hot or cold the oil is before applying on baby skin.
  • Check expiration date before use.
  • Use clean hands to apply baby oil.
  • Spread evenly over baby body.
  • Limit excessive use.
  • Mineral oil isn’t dangerous to health.
  • Baby oil that is dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic is a mild formula that won’t cause an allergic skin reaction in most people.
  • Baby oil is difficult to wash out.
  • It can stain bed linens and clothing
  • Baby oil can block your skin pores if they are not applied properly.
  • Baby oil may irritate baby eyes. Avoid using it on eyebrows and eyelashes.

Unusual and Alternative Use of Baby Oil to Save Money

  • Bath oil
  • Moisturizer
  • Shave-gel substitute
  • Waxing aid
  • Eye makeup remover
  • Temporary-tattoo remover
  • Nail polish frame
  • Cuticle oil
  • Lip scrub
  • Massage unguent
  • Earwax buildup fighter
  • Scaly-feet softener
  • Paint remover
  • Squeaky-hinge lubricant
  • Adhesive bandage remover
  • Zipper fixer
  • Leather oil
  • Gum remover

To wrap it up

Finally, you can now say goodbye to your worries. Now you know that baby oil is not a product that can cause any serious health issues.

It is a simple thing produced keeping your baby’s soft skin in mind. You also know that you can use baby oil ingenious ways to save money. Most importantly, you know how to easily warm up baby oil at home for a message.

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