What is the Best Baby Lotion for Dry Skin? Babies are the most precious gift anyone can have. Everyone wants to caress the baby; hug or kiss the baby.

Their smell and touch is out of this world. And when the baby is having some trouble, you cannot rest your thoughts. If your baby has developed dry skin, start taking measure. Here I have for you the best baby lotion for dry skin and more.

The right lotion for the baby can make a world of difference. If you find the right thing for you, you should stick to it.

Good baby lotions are easy to apply as they are safe for sensitive skin. Taking good care of the skin will keep the baby comfortable happy and you will feel proud to good at your job.

When to apply lotion on baby?

When the baby arrives, it becomes the first and most priority all day. Newborn babies have delicate skin. When do you bath them? What products do you use? What products are the right ones? It can all become a little puzzling.

The First Few Weeks

newborn baby skin is usually naturally quite moist and soft. It doesn’t require any additional products very often unless; the baby is under cold or dry weather. Unless the doctor advises you anything, try to to use little no products on the baby.


Newborn babies initially have a protective layer above their skin called Vernix. It is a kind of a waxy layer that enshrouds the baby and protects the skin from the amniotic fluid when the baby is still in the mother’s womb. These layers will starts peeling off in the first few weeks.

After Bath

After you have given the baby a bath, baby skin will become dry. So, apply a gentle lotion. Clean your hands thoroughly. Take a small amount and spread it on the palms and fingers of your hands. Gently massage the baby’s body such that the lotion spreads evenly all over.

Use Lotion on Areas That Look Dry

Apply lotion to areas of the baby’s body that appear very dry such as the ankles, elbows, and hands.

No more than One Product

Do not use more than one product on your baby. Chemicals used in commercially manufactured lotions can harm the sensitive baby skin.

Choose one that has been recommended by your doctor and continue with it.

A good lotion overall

Aquaphor healing ointment is an all-in-one baby lotion that can moisturize the skin and create a moisture barrier in the diaper that helps prevent diaper rash. It’s also safe to use to prevent drool rash and can help moisturize and clean minor scrapes. It contains lanolin.

Best organic baby lotion

The Puracy Organic Baby Lotion contains just a few plant-based ingredients, which means there are less to irritate a baby’s skin.

This lotion is fully organic and free of harsh chemicals, fragrance, silicones, dyes, and other common baby lotion additives. The vitamin E and shea butter offer rich and lasting hydration.

Lotion for Dry Skin

Eucerin Baby Body Lotion is a thick formula ideal for restoring moisture and protecting the skin after baths. Eucerin explains that the baby body lotion is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and contains no drying alcohols. This product  is a widely popular brand among pediatricians.

Lotion for Eczema

Avene XeraCalm is a rich moisturizer that absorbs quickly, without leaving the skin greasy. It is free of preservatives, parabens, dyes, and other irritants.

It protects the skin’s natural bacteria balance while thoroughly moisturizing skin. It is also soy and gluten free.

The National Eczema Association has accepted this lotion as a viable eczema remedy for both adults and infants.

Safety for using Baby Lotion

Note: It is recommended that you bathe the newborn no more than thrice a week.

Babies don’t get dirty very often. Frequent baths may result loss of oils that keep the baby skin moist and soft.

You may use lotions that are mild and fragrance-free like baby lotion and moisturizers that are made for use for child care.

These lotions usually do not contain any chemicals that can harm the delicate baby skin.

Consult a Doctor

If your baby has very dry, itchy, peeling skin along with redness, it could be eczema. Eczema is usually seen on the hands, face, and back of the knees.

If the baby continues to have very dry skin despite using a moisturizer, talk to the doctor as well.

Dry skin is nothing rare for newborn babies. Normally some area of dry skin will go away on their own.

If the baby has dry and split skin, especially around the ankles or hands, use olive oil, Vaseline or A-D ointment on those areas.

A Few Words

Don’t worry yourself sick. If your baby is developing dry skin is places, it probably for the weather or dryness in the air.

Unless, the dryness is itchy and red, then you should see the doctor as soon as possible. There are ointments, moisturizers, lotions and every sort of product in the stores that will come to your needs.

Now that you have a little idea about the best baby lotion for dry skin and more, I hope you get the right for you.

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