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When is the Right Time Use Lotion On Baby Skin

Are you wondering when to put lotion on baby skin? Baby skin is the most sensitive skin that needs adequate care. You have to be sensible as to concern yourself with when and how. Here, you can get a more clear idea of how to take care of your beloved child’s skin which you so much love to rub your cheeks on.

Should you concern yourself about the baby skin?

It is out right impossible from keeping others from getting their hands on the baby when they see them. Especially, you will fail in case when they are young adults and women.

Everyone loves the touch of a bay, the baby smell and to make funny faces at them. You have to be careful as a parent on your behalf to keep your baby clean and fresh all day.

What better way is out there instead of the lotion? But, can you put lotion on the baby right away? Is the skin mature enough? These questions would morph into the mom mind like haunting ghosts. Here’s a thing or two about a kiss to make you worried sick:

  • Coming in contact with strangers kissing the baby risks transmission of unhygienic bacteria which the baby immune system may still not be ready for.
  • Babies can contract with cold sores when kissed by an adult who has a cold sore caused by caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV 1). It starts off a small blister around the lips or mouth. Some infections tend to live in the baby the entire life.
  • There are other serious illnesses that can also transmit to the baby by the simplest of closeness with the host such as respiratory illness or food allergies. Furthermore, prolonged exposure to toxic chemicals raises chances for cancer cell development in babies faster than adults.

Skin to skin contact is not bad thing for the baby with the parents. You’ll hardly let go of the poor thing. It keeps the baby happy and calm.

How to can you manage to take good care of the baby skin?

Newborn babies are a handful. Yet, they don’t always require you to be hands on at all times. You have to be subtle. No care will lead to diseases and too much care can cause problems as well.

Besides, no one wants a baby to grow up to be a baby. You know what it means if you have become a parent. There are a few disciplines to follow when taking care of the new born bay.

Neonatologists Edgar Rey and Hector Martinez first did it in 1979 in Bogotá, Colombia. They didn’t have enough incubators. So, they kept the infants wrapped with the mother and found great results.

What is a bit strange is the big fuss about this technique. Since the latter of progress brings incubators ticked away for progress, you wander how we did it when we did not have hospitals.

How to use baby lotions properly?

You can apply lotion on your newborn baby after the first 2 to 3 weeks. Make sure it’s baby lotion and not the adult one. The generic kind of lotion includes certain chemicals that can cause irritation on the baby skin.

Baby lotion is different by the touch. You can feel it on your tips. Besides, you need to wait till the first wrinkly layer called the Vermix has fallen off. This is common for all new born babies.

It protects them from amniotic acid in the mother’s womb. You should let it peel off automatically. The skin the will efface will be moisturized enough.

So, you would not need the use of lotion in first few weeks. Here are some tips on when and how to apply them when you do.

  • First, get your hands cleaned and sanitized.
  • Squeeze small spouts and apply them over your palms and fingers gently
  • Gently rub it over the baby’s body.
  • Look for dry areas
  • Make sure you spread it evenly
  • Do not use more than one product
  • Use lotion after bathing
  • Wipe dry before applying lotion
  • Avoid scented products

How to pick the right lotion for your baby?

Pick a light lotion for baby that has no perfume, colors, parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, preservatives, and organically extracted plant oils.

You can olive oil, petroleum jelly or vitamin A-D cream. Buy hypoallergenic lotion for the baby’s skin to prevent allergic reactions. It is best that you consult your doctor on the matter.

When should you see a Doctor for newborn baby skin problems?

You should consult the doctor when your baby’s skin appears to be dry even after adequate recommended use of lotion or moisturizer. You should be alarmed if there are rashes.

Moreover, it can be a sign of Eczema if there are dry, itchy & pealing skin on it. You should get that looked on by a pediatrician as soon as possible.

Baby Skincare tips: 11 Tips To Nail It

Natural Skin Care

Natural skin care is the best under any circumstances. All you need to do is to be a bit cautious. Use a sponge to gently clean the baby at the beginning. Newborn baby skin is so sensitive due to a premature and infirm immune system. 

The newborn is born with the first protective layer of skin called Vernix. This inaugural layer of skin will shred off during the first week. If this is your first child then don’t worry if you can see skin wrinkles.

Because, it is natural as the doctors will tell you. Use clean clothes, beddings and blankets. Wash them separately. And, tend to use the ones that don’t have any fragrance or color dye in them.

Such chemicals can pose harm’s way. Scented products can irritate the baby skin. So, refrain from them for at least first 3 to 4 months.

Bathing habit

Newborn baby skin will be protected with natural oil layers from the body. Rinsing the drooling and changing diapers are the more frequent calls apart from bathing.

Bathing too often will deprive the baby of the effect of natural oils and causing dryness and peeling as a result. Therefore, bathing the baby 3-4 times a week should be good enough. Make sure to use baby soap and warm water to bathe your child.

Room temperature should be regulated to prevent the baby from catching cold. In addition, remember to use a soft cotton towel to gently pat the baby. Harsh rubs are unnecessary to clean the baby’s soft skin.

Powdering the baby

Powdering the baby after bathing is ok. Make sure you have the baby dry enough. Yet, Keep away from using talcum powders.

Talcum powders are not produced keeping baby skin in mind. They can cause irritation for baby skin.

Also, scented powders or the grainy one are not good. Especially avoid them from using in the nappy areas for the chemical in them aren’t meant to be used on baby skin.

Natural product for the baby

You should be mindful when looking for baby product in the store.

Buy the ones that are produced specifically designed for babies like mild baby soaps, tear-free shampoos and gentle lotions. These are products that are made for use for the occasion.

It is advised that you do not change or make use of multiple product at the same time period on the baby.

Diaper Rash

The baby can develop diaper rashes if wearing dirty diaper for long, if the diaper is too tight, or if the baby develops an allergic reaction to any particular brand of diapers.

Diapers should be used with appropriate measures and needs to be checked time to time. They should be changed soon after they had been soiled. Don’t worry if your baby is developing rashes.

Consult pediatrician and you will be suggested some sort of an ointment. It will go away soon if you apply it regularly and properly.

Eczema, Acne for Babies

Babies are vulnerable to acne too. They are just different from the adult type. What they get is called Eczema or atopic dermatitis which is a kind of skin rash. It results dry, itchy, thickened, and scaly skin often with reddish.

Eczema is difficult to cure as it is an inherited skin condition, but it can be contained with the correct treatment. In most cases the babies are expected to grow out of the disease gradually.

Messaging The Baby

Messaging is a lovely activity that you will surely love to do every time. The baby is cheered up and gets a bit stretch from the tedium of the usual squeezed form.

You can use coconut oil to rub the skin of the baby. You should avoid from the usual scented ones for healthy issues.

Daylight exposure

It is not wise thing to stand under the sun with a newborn baby for the first few months. Because, meanwhile the skin isn’t mature enough to endure sun burns.

Clad the baby properly coving him or her completely if you must be out there. You should use sunscreen for the baby.

But, It is advised that you do not use any sun screen you get your hands on. Ask you doctor for the kind of sun screen to use for the baby.

Cotton Clothing

Babies don’t do very well with rough or thick thread. They sweat a lot at the skin folds. Choose your baby clothes fitted to the weather.

But, make sure that you prefer soft cotton clothes loose enough for the baby. Synthetic clothing can be harsh for babies. As a result, they may develop rash from scratches.

Moisturizing the baby

Your baby skin should me hydrated and supple. Baby skin can dry up quickly under the weather. Use moisturizers for the baby to prevent dryness. You can use baby lotions instead or an ointment if recommended by your doctor.

Gentle Detergents for baby clothes

Always use a clean batch to prepare the baby for day or for night. It goes without saying that the clothes need to be washed separately from the family laundry for medical purposes.

Check to see that the product you use is mild detergents that can clean the cloth completely with a gentle wash.

Strong chemical products must be avoided. Use warm water to clean the clothes. Besides, Giving them a wash makes them soft and tender for the sensitive baby skin.

Putting A Tie On It

So, now you know enough about using the lotion for the baby. You know much more than that if you went through all of it all. You know as much is sufficient for you know as a responsible parent.

And, it is enough to call ourselves that we have covered it right. Babies are precious. Their touch makes you a new person. It is a joy being a parent. We hope you do your best on the skin job.

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