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When to Use Baby Lotion on Newborn?

Are you wondering when to use baby lotion on newborn? Well, you’ve arrived at the right place. You may apply lotion or other moisturizer product on the baby if necessary. Usually, newborns don’t require much product on their skin. Babies naturally have that mesmerizing baby skin feel. Yet, there is a thing or two that you ought to know if you want to take the right care for your baby.

When the baby arrives, it becomes the first and most priority all day. Newborn babies have delicate skin. When do you bath them? What products do you use? What products are the right ones? It can all become a little puzzling.

After the First Few Weeks

Newborn baby skin is usually naturally quite moist and soft. It doesn’t require any additional products very often unless; the baby is under cold or dry weather. Unless the doctor advises you anything, try to to use little no products on the baby.


Newborn babies initially have a protective layer above their skin called Vernix. It is a kind of a waxy layer that enshrouds the baby and protects the skin from the amniotic fluid when the baby is still in the mother’s womb. These layers will starts peeling off in the first few weeks.

When to Use Baby Lotion on Newborn?

Baby skin is usually quite moist. You can use baby lotion if the baby is in a dry weather. Here are some good advice to use lotion for the baby-

After Bath

After you have given the baby a bath, baby skin will become dry. So, apply a gentle lotion. Clean your hands thoroughly. Take a small amount and spread it on the palms and fingers of your hands. Gently massage the baby’s body such that the lotion spreads evenly all over.

Use Lotion on Areas That Look Dry

Apply lotion to areas of the baby’s body that appear very dry such as the ankles, elbows, and hands.

No more than One Product

Do not use more than one product on your baby. Chemicals used in commercially manufactured lotions can harm the sensitive baby skin. Choose one that has been recommended by your doctor and continue with it.

Safety for using Baby Lotion

  • Select a mild lotion that is free of any harmful chemicals
  • Clean your hand every time properly before you prepare to apply lotion on the baby
  • Trim your nails short to avoid accidentally scratching the baby
  • Don’t use a variety of product on the baby skin. It can irritate and harm the baby.
  • Even if the clothes are new, wash them. This way you don’t risk any allergies.
  • Newborn babies do not need more than three baths a week. If you bathe them too often, the skin will lose the natural moisturizing oils.

Note: It is recommended that you bathe the newborn no more than thrice a week. Babies don’t get dirty very often. Frequent baths may result loss of oils that keep the baby skin moist and soft.

You may use lotions that are mild and fragrance-free like baby lotion and moisturizers that are made for use for child care.

These lotions usually do not contain any chemicals that can harm the delicate baby skin.

Consult a Doctor

If your baby has very dry, itchy, peeling skin along with redness, it could be eczema. Eczema is usually seen on the hands, face, and back of the knees. If the baby continues to have very dry skin despite using a moisturizer, talk to the doctor as well.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is nothing rare for newborn babies. Normally some area of dry skin will go away on their own. If the baby has dry and split skin, especially around the ankles or hands, use olive oil, Vaseline or A-D ointment on those areas.

To Sum It Up

Baby skin is sensitive and requires regular observation to see if the baby is developing healthy skin. Newborns don’t require lotion initially, but as they grow older, you will need to start looking into them. When the right time to use the right lotion, you will probably receive the right advice from your doctor.

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